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Single Tooth Dental Implants

SingleTooth Dental Implants in Sugar Land

At Prosart Dental Implant Clinics, we have helped patients throughout Sugar Land find beautiful and long-lasting ways to replace missing or severely damaged teeth. Whether you have experienced tooth loss due to injury or decay, you can trust our highly specialized team of doctors to provide the high-quality dental implants you deserve.

Dental implants are composed of a titanium “root” and a natural-looking crown. Placed directly into your jawbone, your implant becomes a permanent part of your mouth—looking and behaving the same way as your natural teeth. Our skilled prosthodontists utilize the most advanced technologies available to place your implants to ensure a process that is predictable, effective, and gentle. We start the dental implant process with a complementary consultation, and our team of doctors is often able to see you the same day you call.

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Advantages of Dental Implants

Our team understands that having a missing tooth can do more than leave a gap in your smile. It can affect your confidence as well as your ability to speak and chew. At Prosart Dental Implant Clinics, we pair specialized experience with cutting-edge equipment to restore the smile of adults of all ages.

6 benefits of dental implants include:

  1. Improve your smile’s appearance
  2. Restore your ability to speak and chew
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Restore your natural bite
  5. Incredibly durable, and with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime
  6. Reduce bone loss

Our highly skilled professionals customize every implant treatment to your unique smile and start with a free comprehensive consultation to ensure you are a good candidate. Next, we lay out all of your options as well as the implant treatment process. If needed, we also provide bone and tissue grafting solutions to further build a solid foundation for your implant.

We also offer a full suite of sedation solutions so you are completely comfortable throughout your surgery. Here, our dentists will insert the titanium screw into your jawbone and temporarily cap it. This allows for a comfortable healing process while your permanent and customized crown is created. Finally, we attach an abutment and permanent crown, leaving you with a long-lasting, functional, and natural-looking implant.

Our team is standing by to help restore your smile. Call us today at (281) 612-6163.

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