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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Services in Sugar Land

Full-Mouth Crowns & Beyond!

When your overall oral health is suffering—preventing you from performing daily functions such as chewing and speaking, it can feel like you are out of options. However, our team at Prosart Dental Implant Clinics is here to help. We offer full-mouth rehabilitation and restoration treatments to patients throughout Sugar Land, Houston and surrounding areas. This highly customized treatment focuses on rebuilding your natural teeth by providing a unique combination of solutions to your dental problems.

We are dental rehabilitation experts who pair our specialized knowledge with the most advanced technology and equipment available. This allows us to develop the personalized and high-quality restoration treatments you deserve—leaving you with a healthy, happy smile again.

When you choose us for full mouth rehabilitation or implants, we also offer:

  • Tooth/Teeth Extractions: While dental professionals do everything possible to maintain your natural smile, major damage might cause extraction to be necessary. This can stop decay or damage from spreading to healthy teeth. Our team understands how nerve racking this process can be, which is why we work quickly and gently when removing either one tooth or multiple teeth.
  • Bone and Tissue Grafting: After experiencing tooth loss, disease, or trauma, your jawbone or soft tissue can lose mass, making it challenging to insert a dental implant. Luckily, our experts offer both bone and soft tissue grafting treatments to try and restore these areas to as close to their original dimensions as possible.
  • Sedation Dentistry: We offer a wide array of sedation solutions, including Nitrous Oxide, local anesthesia, IV sedation, and general anesthesia, to help ease nervousness around treatment as well as to minimize discomfort. Your dentist will talk you through all of our options to find one that suits your needs best.

Our clean, comfortable, and judgement-free environment allows you to feel at ease from the moment you walk in. We offer a complementary initial consultation where we perform a thorough evaluation of your current oral health. This helps us create a customized treatment plan that might include single or multiple dental implants or full mouth rehabilitation with crowns.

If you are living in pain, experiencing a loss of function, or want to restore a beautiful smile, full-mouth rehabilitation can be just the solution for you. At Prosart Dental Implant Clinics, we take pride in our work, and are honored to serve our community. Our team is available for same-day appointments and our affordable treatments make our services accessible to all.

Our team looks forward to helping you achieve a healthier smile. Call us at (281) 612-6163 or complete our short online contact form today!

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